Friday, October 31, 2008

This Weekend in Georgia

This weekend finds the Traveler crew enjoying some much needed rest after two straight weekends on the road. We're not done, though--shooting for Season Three has only just begun! Pictured in this great staff photo are (from left to right) Ashlie Wilson (executive producer), Mitch Zastrow (videographer), Sammy Jones (associate producer), Keely Muse (host), Phil Proctor (host), David Zelski (host), Dan Hodlick (videographer), and Jennifer Houston Wood (segment producer). Check out our new HD cameras that Mitch and Dan are holding!

The National BBQ Festival is being held this weekend in Douglas, Georgia. There's a Best of the Best competition, as well as a giant Indoor Yard Sale! The gates opened this morning, Friday, October 31 at 10 AM and the festival runs through 10 PM on Saturday, November 1. For more information, visit their official website.

The town of Bostwick, Georgia is holding the 19th annual Cotton Gin Festival on Saturday, November 1. Besides featuring one of Georgia's last functioning cotton gins, the festival is home to antique tractors, a 5k run, and barbecue! It's one day only, and the 5k run begins at 8 AM, with the parade commencing at 11! Special guests include Santa Claus, himself! Here's their official website.

And those are just a few of this weekend's highlights. For more information, check out the new website!

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