Friday, November 16, 2007

Behind the Scenes: Mid-Georgia Meander

The Georgia Traveler team had a great time working on our latest epsiode, Mid Georgia Meander. When we went to Plains, we had such fun working with Penny and Linda at the Visitors Center. Here's a picture of our hosts with those wonderful ladies. When you watch the show, you might notice the area in and around the visitors center looks smoky or foggy. That's because we visited on Thursday, May 31 when wildfires were burning in southeast Georgia near the Okefenokee Swamp. You can see the smoky effect in this production still to the right. In addition to David and a portion of Keely you can also see our Associate Producer Jennifer (Jenny) Houston Wood (she's in the green shirt running audio) and our photographer Charlene Fisk in the blue. Charlene, Keely, Phil and Jenny had been down in the swamp the day before this shoot working on our Outdoor Activity segment for our Corridor Z show, which is canoeing the Okefenokee! They related tales of the smoky swamp and were not terribly surprised that the smoke had carried as far northwest as Plains. During our visit, we also went into Plains for lunch and visited the town. We stopped into a shop for some delicious peanut butter ice cream at Plain Peanuts and had some fun putting our heads into the peanut cutout. Here are some goofy pics of Jenny, me, Charlene and Phil:

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