Thursday, April 30, 2009

This Week on Georgia Traveler: Old Dixie Highway

On this week’s episode of Georgia Traveler, we explore U.S. 41 from Macon to Cordele. The nation’s first planned highway, U.S. 41 is often referred to as the “Old Dixie Highway”. The team gets great travel advice at the Visitors Information Center in Macon and David sets off for fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café in Juliette. Phil celebrates the state fruit at the Peach Festival in Fort Valley while Keely shoots skeet on her getaway to Henderson Village in Perry. Everyone joins in the outdoor activity of golfing at Lake Blackshear in Cordele and David dives into the local legend of the Grit in Warwick.

Food Find: Whistle Stop Café (Juliette)
Georgia’s own little taste of Hollywood is in Juliette, home of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. Converted from an old country store into the now famous restaurant for the movie, the Whistle Stop Café attracts folks from all over anxious to try the fabled Fried Green Tomatoes. While visiting, David gets behind the counter and takes a stab at being a short order cook, but he decides to leave it to the professionals. The next time you’re walking along the tracks, stop off in Juliette and the Whistle Stop Café. And remember, the secret’s in the sauce!

Family Fun: Peach Festival (Fort Valley)
Georgia may be the Peach State, but there’s one place where the Peach is really king, it’s in Peach County, home of the Peach Festival! Phil takes the opportunity of a visit from the state’s greatest tourism show to the state’s greatest fruit to find great things to eat. And in a festival devoted to peaches, he didn’t have to look far: the Peach Festival is home to the world’s largest peach cobbler! Measuring five feet by eleven feet, and eight inches deep, this confection feeds Phil with just enough left over for the rest of the fair patrons! From the Peach Festival, visitors can take the free shuttle out to the Lane Packing Company, and see just how peaches are grown and turned into, among other things, delicious peach ice cream. If you’re like Phil, the experience will leave you debating the age-old question: peach or peach ice cream???

Getaway: Henderson Village (Perry)
Keely takes a step back in time when she visits Henderson Village, a bed and breakfast resort made up of an array of historic 19th Century buildings. Situated on 19 acres, Henderson Village features cozy rooms, fine dining, beautiful gardens, and a 3200-acre hunting preserve. Keely shoulders her firearm and snags a few clays before deciding she’s more into the quiet and peaceful side of Henderson Village. Whatever your interest, Henderson Village has got it.

Outdoor Activity: Golf at Lake Blackshear (Cordele)
When our Traveler crew pulled up at Lake Blackshear Golf Course at Georgia Veterans State Park, some thought the Three Stooges had arrived. Instead of Larry, Moe, and Curly, it was Keely, Phil, and David, but the hilarious hijinks were on a roll. Join the Traveler Trio as they show their golf skills, or lack thereof, and have a great time putting around at Lake Blackshear Golf Course.
Local Legend: Grits Festival (Warwick)
“You can eat it with butter, you can eat it with cheese, you can eat it any time with any old thing you please. As long as it’s grits, baby!” Every year in Warwick, the Grits Capital of the World, grits lovers from all over come down to take part in the Grits Festival. Our David Zelski meets up with such local notables as Granny Grits, Mike McDaniel, who came in first place in the Grits Eating Contest, and even the Grits Queen. By the end of the day, David finds himself submerged in a vat of grits. The only things that were missing were the butter and cheese!

Georgia Traveler's "Old Dixie Highway," airs this Friday, May 1 at 9 PM, Saturday, May 2 at 7 PM, and Wednesday, May 6 at 7:30 PM on GPB. You can also watch this episode on Saturday, May 2 at 8 PM, and Sunday, May 3 at 8 AM on GPB Knowledge.


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