Friday, February 6, 2009

This Week: Coast North (Savannah)

On this week’s episode of Georgia Traveler, it’s off to Georgia’s historic northern coast. Georgia’s First City of Savannah is our destination. We visit the First African Baptist Church, a place of worship dating back to the late 1700s. Enter the world of uppercrust 19th Century Savannah and tour the beautiful home of Scottish cotton merchant Andrew Low. David Zelski gets some much needed therapy from Spy the Ox at the Melon Bluff Nature Preserve and Palmyra Plantation. Explore Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island and Fort McAllister in Richmond Hill, two forts that both had roles in protecting Georgia’s coast during wartime. And Phil Proctor learns to make gourmet Shrimp, Greens and Grits at Belford’s in Savannah’s City Market.

First African Baptist Church
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the First African Baptist Church has a rich history, but it is also home to a dynamic fellowship and active congregation. If you like gospel music, visitors are always welcome during Sunday morning worship services. Be sure and see the underground railroad tunnels, the stained glass in the sanctuary and the Church museum.
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Located in Savannah’s City Market, Belford’s restaurant serves breakfast (Monday-Saturday), lunch, dinner and a Sunday brunch. As Phil and Gerald discovered, the Shrimp, Greens and Grits are delicious. Intrigued with this innovative take on a traditional dish, the Traveler team returned for dinner and were delighted with the fabulous cuisine. Just thinking about the Filet Mignon with béarnaise sauce is enough to make our mouths water! You can check out their menu online.
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Andrew Low House
From 1849 until 1927, Andrew Low, his family and descendants occupied this elegant home on LaFayette Square in Savannah. Andrew’s son William inherited the house upon his death in 1886. That same year he married Juliette Gordon, who in 1912 would create the group that would later become known as the Girl Scouts of America. You can read all about the family’s history on this website, but there is no substitute for visiting the Andrew Low House in person. Tours led by professional docents are offered daily except Thursdays, when the house is closed.
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Fort Pulaski
You can find out all about the Fort Pulaski National Monument on Cockspur Island at this official National Park Service website. For history buffs, there is a link on the website to the Official Park Handbook that chronicles Cockspur Island’s history from 1733 through post-1865 resortation efforts.
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Fort McAllister
Visit the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites website to find out more about Fort McAllister Historic Park in Richmond Hill. A really unique feature about McAllister is that not only is it a Historic Site, it’s a State Park too. That means there are cottages or tent, RV or trailer campsites that you can reserve if you’re planning a trip. They have a fishing pier and boat ramps. For those who prefer to rough it, they have Pioneer campsites too.
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Melon Bluff Nature Preserve and Palmyra Plantation
If you’re looking for a quiet, beautiful break from the world, explore the Melon Bluff Nature Preserve and nearby Palmyra Plantation. David and Phil certainly enjoyed their stay at the Palmyra Plantation Barn and there are many options for the nature lover in you.
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Anonymous said...

FYI - Fort Pulaski National Monument is NOT on St. Simons!

Ashlie said...

You're correct- it's on Cockspur Island. We'll get that corrected right away. Thanks!